At 2.0 Vintage Market we have two types of stalls -

PAVILION STALLS - Stalls spaces inside our main Pavilion, rented on a monthly basis. A flat rental rate applies and 10% commission is collected on all sales processed by our staff through our central counter. The pavilion is OPEN 7 DAYs - so your stall is open for business whether you are on site or not. There's no set up or pack down - let our staff handle your sales. Great for those with time restraints - sell while you're off marketing your business. 
This is also perfect for directing your customers to a shop front for pick up - no waiting and don't worry about no-shows! We'll be there when your customers arrive to assist them!

MARKET STALLS - A traditional POP UP Market where you bring your goods and unpack your goods to sell yourself! For most markets, we make trestle tables available for your use. 

Theme days and Markets will be scheduled throughout the year - keep an eye on our calendar for updates on what's coming up!

The Pavilion is OPEN 7 DAYS - Monday to Friday from 10am - 5pm.
Saturday and Sunday, 8am-5pm.

Market Stalls will be operating on Market Days - check the WHAT'S ON for information!

A permanent set up within our Pavilion - your stall is rented on a month-to-month arrangement with no lock in contract.

• Customise your stall as you like - set it up and display your products!
• Let our staff handle the sales for you - you don't have to be on-site to be open! Allow us to process the sales on your behalf.
• Rental rate is based on price per square metre. 10% commission applies to all sales handled by our staff.
• NO commission applies if you accept your own payments from your customers!*
   (*20% rental rate loading applies for stallholders in attendance more than 3.5 days per week)
• Low overheads - perfect for small, growing and established businesses - perfect for the side hustle!
• You are welcome to use your stall as advertising space to generate leads and are free to display your social media contact details!

If you are on site, you are welcome to take your own payments commission free! *If in attendance more than 3.5 days a week, a 20% rent loading applies in lieu of any commission payable.

At the end of each month you'll receive a sales tally - a breakdown of what you've sold. We then deduct 10% commission and your next month's rent, and we start again!

** Barcode system available - ask us for details!

Click here to view our Stallholder Kit. (PDF download, Acrobat Reader Required!)

How does renting a Pavilion stall work?

Choose your stall space and pay your first month's rent. A one time Stallholder set up fee of $22 inc GST also applies to establish your account and provide you with a 2.0 Stallholder Card. Your Stallholder card will allows you free entry on Market Days as well as a 10% discount on Market Stall bookings (subject to availability).

Once you've paid for your stall, set it up, deck it out and display your goods! Goods must all be individually tagged according to our Stallholder Guidelines, and each item must have a tag clearly displaying your stall number, a description and price. Customers can then choose their items from any stall within the pavilion and pay for their purchases through our central counter. 10% Commission is payable on all sales processed through our central counter, and our staff will handle all sales on your behalf, so you do not need to be in attendance to sell your goods.

At the end of each month we tally your sales, deduct our commission and your next month's rent and pay the balance to your nominated bank account.

A traditional pop-up style market with all of the atmosphere you'd expect! Both indoor and outdoor stalls available.
• Trestle table sized stalls from $10 inc GST. Trestle table provided for use at no additional charge in most cases!
• 3x3m spaces available outdoors


TRESTLE TABLE SPACE - 2.1m x 90mm - $10 inc GST per stall space. 

MARQUEE SPACE - (BYO Marquee) - 3x3m space only, two trestle tables provided if requested. $15 inc GST per space. Limited number available.
 2.1m x 90mm - $10.00 inc GST per stall space. A trestle table is provided for your use.

GENERAL MARKET HOURS: Open to the public 8am-2pm Saturday & Sunday. Please check the details for the specific event you are booking for as pricing and entry times may alter!

Vehicles will be permitted access to the Market area from 6:30am Market Days. Vehicles are not permitted in the Market Area from 7:30am until 2:30pm. Please read our Market Stall information and terms and conditions prior to booking your stall.
Market Dates will be added as available - please feel free to pre-book for Market Days to save your space. Please note that bookings are non-refundable. If a Market Day is cancelled by management 2.0 will transfer your credit to an available Market Day in future, however Market Days will run regardless of the weather and will only be cancelled by management in the event of extreme weather conditions (outdoor stalls only).
How does renting a Market stall work?

Choose the event you'd like to book a stall for - see our WHAT'S ON AT 2.0 for upcoming Market Days! Click the inks and follow the instructions to book a stall for the day. You can also book in store at the counter at 2.0 Vintage Market, or by phone to secure your booking.

You can also pay at the gates in most cases at 6am on Market Morning - please ensure you've read our Market Terms and Conditions. We do not allow illegal, counterfeit goods, or goods which require a permit to be sold. No live animal sales, no weapons, alcohol, or tobacco. For further information see

FOOD TRUCK ENQUIRIES: Please send an email to to register your interest.

Book your stall, arrive at our Stud Road entrance by 6:15 am, bump in, set up your stall, remove your vehicle prior to our Market opening to the public. The Market will be open to the public from 8am until 2pm. At 2:30, vehicles may enter to pack down. Easy!